Ralstonia solanacearum str. GMI1000 MutantsDB

MutantsDb is a database of mutants from R. solanacearum strain GMI1000 generated through random insertion of the transposon EZ-Tn5? <KAN-2> from EPICENTER biotechnologies.
Localisation of each individual insertion on the genome was determined by sequencing of its flanking region (which may differ from the mutated gene) using an adaptation of the TAIL-PCR protocol from Qian et al. 2005 Genome research 15 : 757-767. and automated blast comparison with the genome sequence.
The location which is shown on the map corresponds to the best Blast score obtained but, when additional hits were detected these can be seen by clicking on "nbhit" tab.
Occurrence of insertions within the 5kb surrounding any particular gene can be seen from the annotation page of this gene by clicking on the "mutants database" tab.
Alternatively, it is possible to search for the occurrence of possible mutant in any particular region of the genome by using this link.
The present collection of mutants, which contains 5850 entries, is still under construction and additional new mutants will be added in a next future.

Programs and parameters
Genomic wu-blastnM=5 N=-5 S=500bank
Genomic relaxed wu-blastnS=500bank
CDS wu-blastnM=5 N=-5 S=500bank
Vector wu-blastnM=5 N=-5 S=500bank

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