Ralstonia solanacearum GMI1000 clone finder
CloneFinder is the data base of a subset of clones that were generated during the sequencing of the genome of strain GMI1000.
It includes plasmids carrying inserts ranging from a pair of kilobases to BAC clones up to 70-80kb.
The approximate position covered by each insert on the assembled genome of strain GMI1000 has been automatically determined based on sequencing of both extremities of the inserts followed by blast analysis over the complete genome sequence.
Available plasmids can be readily visualized using this link and are available from your lab by contacting stephane.genin@toulouse.inra.fr or christian.boucher@toulouse.inra.fr.

The cloning vectors used for the construction of the corresponding DNA banks a are:
  • for clones which nomenclature starts by BA and BB : pBAMbamIII (Heilig R. from Genoscope personnal communication and sequence shown below)
  • for clones which nomenclature starts by CA, CB or CC : Pbbc Pcdna2.1 (invitrogen)
  • for clones which nomenclature starts by D : a derivative of Pbelobac11 in which an additional PmeI restriction site was added (Katinka M. from Genoscope personal communication).
All the plasmids are present in Escherichia coli strain DH10B.
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