Xanthomonas sp.
1  Metabolism GO:0008152
1.1  Carbon compound utilization
1.1.1  Carbohydrates/Carbon compounds GO:0016052  D-allose catabolism GO:0019316  2,5-ketogluconate metabolism GO:0019522  D-arabinose catabolism GO:0019571  D-galactarate catabolism GO:0019582  D- galacturonate catabolism GO:0019698  D-glucarate catabolism GO:0042838  D-glucuronate catabolism GO:0042840  L-arabinose catabolism GO:0019572  L-idonate catabolism GO:0046183  L-lyxose metabolism GO:0019324  Fucose catabolism GO:0019317  Galactitol catabolism GO:0019404  Galactonate catabolism GO:0019584  Lactose degradation GO:0005990  Mannose catabolism GO:0019309  Rhamnose catabolism GO:0019301  Sorbitol degradation GO:0006062  Trehalose degradation, low osmolarity+ GO:0005993  Xylose catabolism GO:0042843  Glycol degradation GO:0042846  Mannitol degradation GO:0019592  Ribose degradation GO:0019303  Galactose degradation GO:0019388  Sorbose degradation GO:0042848  L-ascorbate degradation GO:0019854  2-O-alpha-mannosyl-D-glycerate degradation
1.1.2  Fatty acids (fatty acid oxidation) GO:0019395  Degradation of short-chain fatty acids GO:0019626  3-phenylpropionate and 3-(3-hydroxyphenyl)propionate degradation GO:0019380 GO:0019622  Propionate degradation GO:0019543  Anaerobic fatty acid oxidation pathway
1.1.3  Amino acids GO:0009063  L-alanine degradation GO:0006524  L-serine degradation GO:0006565  Arginine catabolism GO:0006527  Glutamate degradation GO:0006538  Glycine cleavage GO:0019464  Proline utilization GO:0006562  Threonine catabolism GO:0006567  Tryptophan utilization GO:0006569  L-cysteine catabolism GO:0019448  Lysine cleavage GO:0006554  Histidine degradation GO:0006548  Leucine degradation GO:0006552  Methionine degradation GO:0009087  Valine degradation GO:0006574  Phenylalanine, tyrosine degradation GO:0006559 GO:0006572
1.1.4  Amines GO:0009310  Phenylethylamine degradation GO:0019607  Carnitine degradation GO:0042413  Ornithine degradation GO:0006593
1.1.5  Others  Phenylacetic acid degradation GO:0010124  Ethanol degradation GO:0006068  Eugenol catabolism GO:0042856  Beta-ketoadipate pathway GO:0042952  Mandelate catabolism GO:0019596
1.2  Macromolecule degradation GO:0009057
1.2.1  RNA GO:0006401
1.2.2  DNA GO:0006308
1.2.3  Proteins/peptides/glycopeptides GO:0006508 GO:0009050
1.2.4  Polysaccharides GO:0000272  Glycogen catabolism GO:0005980  Chitin catabolism GO:0006032
1.3  Energy metabolism (carbon) GO:0015980
1.3.1  Glycolysis GO:0006096
1.3.2  Pentose phosphate shunt, oxidative branch GO:0009051
1.3.3  Pyruvate dehydrogenase GO:0006086
1.3.4  Tricarboxylic acid cycle GO:0006099
1.3.5  Fermentation GO:0006113
1.3.6  Aerobic respiration GO:0009060
1.3.7  Anaerobic respiration GO:0009061
1.3.8  ATP proton motive force interconversion GO:0015986
1.3.9  Entner-Doudoroff pathway GO:0009255
1.4  Energy production/transport
1.4.1  Electron donor GO:0009053
1.4.2  Electron acceptor GO:0009054
1.4.3  Electron carrier GO:0009055
1.5  Building block biosynthesis
1.5.1  Amino acids GO:0008652  Glutamate GO:0006537  Glutamine GO:0006542  Arginine GO:0006526  Proline GO:0006561  Aspartate GO:0006532  Asparagine GO:0006529  Lysine, diaminopimelate GO:0009089  Threonine GO:0009088  Methionine GO:0009086  Glycine GO:0006545  Serine GO:0006564  Cysteine GO:0019344  Phenylalanine GO:0009094  Tyrosine GO:0006571  Tryptophan GO:0000162  Histidine GO:0000105  Alanine GO:0006523  Isoleucine/valine GO:0009097 GO:0009099  Leucine GO:0009098  Chorismate GO:0009423  Homoserine GO:0009090
1.5.2  Nucleotide GO:0009165  Purine biosynthesis GO:0006164  Pyrimidine biosynthesis GO:0006221  Purine ribonucleotide biosynthesis GO:0009152  Pyrimidine ribonucleotide/ribonucleoside biosynthesis GO:0009220 GO:0042455
1.5.3  Cofactor, small molecule carrier GO:0009108 GO:0051191
1.5.3.  1Biotin GO:0009102  Folic acid GO:0046656  Lipoate GO:0009107  Molybdenum (molybdopterin) GO:0006777  Coenzyme A GO:0015937  Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) GO:0008615  Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) GO:0009435  Thiamine (Vitamin B1) GO:0009228  Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), FAD, FMN GO:0009231 GO:0006747 GO:0009398  Glutathione GO:0006750  Menaquinone (MK), ubiquinone (Q) GO:0009234 GO:0006744  Heme, porphyrin GO:0006783 GO:0006779  Cobalamin (Vitamin B12) GO:0009236  Enterochelin (enterobactin) GO:0009239  Chrysobactin GO:0042858  Achromobactin GO:0042861  Isoprenoid biosynthesis GO:0008299  Tetrahydrobiopterin biosynthesis GO:0006729  Pyochelin biosynthesis GO:0042864
1.5.4  Fatty acid and phosphatidic acid GO:0006633 GO:0006654
1.6  Macromolecules (cellular constituent) biosynthesis GO:0009059
1.6.1  Phospholipid GO:0008654
1.6.2  Colanic acid (M antigen) GO:0009242
1.6.3  Lipopolysaccharide GO:0009103  antigen GO:0009243  Core region GO:0009244  Lipid A GO:0009245
1.6.4  Enterobacterial common antigen (surface glycolipid) GO:0009246
1.6.5  K antigen GO:0009248
1.6.6  Osmoregulated periplasmic glucan GO:0009250
1.6.7  Peptidoglycan (murein) GO:0009252
1.6.9  Polysaccharides, cytoplasmic GO:0000271
1.6.10  Lipoprotein GO:0042158
1.6.11  Glycoprotein GO:0009101
1.6.12  Flagella GO:0009296
1.6.13  Fimbria, pili, curli GO:0009297
1.6.15  Large molecule carriers GO:0006412  Cytochromes GO:0017004  Thioredoxin, glutaredoxin GO:0042964 GO:0042965  Biotin carboxyl carrier protein GO:0042966  Acyl carrier protein GO:0042967
1.6.16  Cellulose biosynthesis GO:0030244
1.7  Central intermediary metabolism
1.7.1  Unassigned reversible reactions
1.7.2  Glyoxylate bypass GO:0006097
1.7.3  Pentose phosphate shunt, non-oxidative branch GO:0009052
1.7.6  Glycerol metabolism GO:0006071
1.7.7  Galactose metabolism GO:0006012
1.7.8  Gluconeogenesis GO:0006094
1.7.9  Misc. glucose metabolism GO:0006006
1.7.10  Sugar nucleotide biosynthesis, conversions GO:0009226
1.7.12  Amino sugar conversions GO:0046349
1.7.13  Amino acid conversion GO:0006520
1.7.14  Polyamine biosynthesis GO:0006596
1.7.15  2'-deoxyribonucleotide/ribonucleoside metabolism GO:0009265
1.7.17  Formyl-tetrahydrofolate biosynthesis GO:0009257
1.7.18  Betaine biosynthesis GO:0006578
1.7.19  Incorporation of metal ions
1.7.20  S-adenosyl methionine biosynthesis GO:0006556
1.7.21  Glyoxylate degradation GO:0009436
1.7.22  Carnitine metabolism GO:0042413
1.7.23  Methylglyoxal metabolism GO:0009438
1.7.24  Cyanate catabolism GO:0009440
1.7.25  Glycolate metabolism GO:0009441
1.7.26  Allantoin assimilation GO:0009442
1.7.27  Pyridoxal 5'-phosphate salvage GO:0009443
1.7.28  Pyruvate catabolism GO:0042867
1.7.29  Acetate catabolism GO:0045733
1.7.31  Aminobutyrate catabolism GO:0009450
1.7.32  Putrescine catabolism GO:0009447
1.7.33  Nucleotide and nucleoside conversions GO:0015949
1.7.34  Peptidoglycan (murein) turnover, recycling GO:0000270
1.7.35  Lactate oxidation GO:0019516
1.7.36  Trehalose biosynthesis GO:0005992
1.7.37  C1 assimilation, serine pathway GO:0019496
1.7.38  Methionine salvage pathway GO:0019509
1.8  Metabolism of other compounds
1.8.1  Phosphorous metabolism GO:0006793
1.8.2  Sulfur metabolism GO:0006790
1.8.3  Nitrogen metabolism GO:0006807
2  Information transfer
2.1  DNA related GO:0006259
2.1.1  DNA replication GO:0006261
2.1.2  DNA restriction/modification GO:0006304 GO:0009307
2.1.3  DNA recombination GO:0006310
2.1.4  DNA repair GO:0006281
2.1.5  DNA degradation GO:0006308
2.2  RNA related GO:0016070
2.2.2  Transcription related GO:0006350
2.2.3  RNA modification GO:0009451
2.2.4  RNA degradation GO:0006401
2.2.5  tRNA GO:0006399
2.2.6  rRNA, stable RNA GO:0016072
2.2.7  Antisense RNA GO:0042868
2.3  Protein related GO:0006412
2.3.1  Amino acid-activation GO:0006418
2.3.2  Translation GO:0006412
2.3.3  Posttranslational modification GO:0006464
2.3.4  Chaperoning, folding GO:0006457
2.3.5  Export, signal peptide cleavage GO:0006605 GO:0006886 GO:0016485
2.3.6  Turnover, degradation GO:0006508
2.3.7  Nucleoproteins, basic proteins
2.3.8  Ribosomal proteins GO:0003735
2.3.9  Non-ribosomal peptide synthetase GO:0019184
3  Regulation GO:0050789
3.1.  Type of regulation
3.1.1  DNA structure level  DNA bending, supercoiling, inversion GO:0008301 GO:0003916  Methylation GO:0006306
3.1.2  Transcriptional level GO:0006355  Sigma factors, anti-sigmafactors GO:0016987 GO:0016989  Activator GO:0016563  Repressor GO:0016564  Complex regulation  More than one signal needed  Regulons or multilayer component regulatory systems  Two-component regulatory systems (external signal) GO:0000155 GO:0000156  Quorum sensing GO:0009370 GO:0009369 GO:0009372  Action unknown
3.1.3  Posttranscriptional  Translation attenuation and efficiency GO:0009386  Covalent modification, demodification, maturation GO:0006464 GO:0016485  Inhibition / activation of enzymes GO:0004857 GO:0008047  Proteases, cleavage of compounds GO:0008233  Multilayer regulatory systems  Antisense RNA GO:0016246  binding, sequestering
3.1.4  Regulation level unknown
3.3  Genetic unit regulated
3.3.1  Operon (regulation of one operon)
3.3.2  Regulon (a network of operons encoding related functions)
3.3.3  Stimulon (ie. environmental stimulus)
3.3.4  Global
3.4  Trigger (some information added)
3.5  Trigger modulation (some information added)
4   Transport GO:0005215 GO:0006810
4.1  Channel-type Transporters GO:0015267
4.1.A.  alpha-type channels
4.1.A.1.  The Voltage-gated Ion Channel (VIC) Superfamily GO:0005244
4.1.A.8.  The Major Intrinsic Protein (MIP) Family
4.1.A.11  The Chloride Channel (ClC) Family
4.1.B.17  The Outer Membrane Factor (OMF) Family
4.1.A.22  The Large Conductance Mechanosensitive Ion Channel (MscL) Family
4.1.A.23  The Small Conductance Mechanosensitive Ion Channel (MscS) Family
4.1.A.46   The H+- or Na+-translocating Bacterial Flagellar Motor (Mot) Family
4.1.B  Beta barrel porins (The Outer Membrane Porin (OMP) Functional Superfamily)
4.1.B.1  The General Bacterial Porin (GBP) Family
4.1.B.3  The Sugar Porin (SP) Family
4.1.B.9  The FadL Outer Membrane Protein (FadL) Family
4.1.B.10  The Nucleoside-specific Channel-forming Outer Membrane Porin (Tsx) Family
4.1.B.14  The Outer Membrane Receptor (OMR) Family
4.1.B.21  The OmpG Porin (OmpG) Family
4.2   Electrochemical potential driven transporters GO:0015290
4.2.A.  Porters (Uni-, Sym- and Antiporters) GO:0015293 GO:0015297 GO:0015292
4.2.A.1  The Major Facilitator Superfamily (MFS)
4.2.A.2  The Glycoside-Pentoside-Hexuronide (GPH):Cation Symporter Family
4.2.A.3  The Amino Acid-Polyamine-Choline (APC) Family
4.2.A.4  The Cation Diffusion Facilitator (CDF) Family
4.2.A.6  The Resistance-Nodulation-Cell Division (RND) Superfamily
4.2.A.7  The Drug/Metabolite Transporter (DMT) Superfamily
4.2.A.8  The Gluconate:H+ Symporter (GntP) Family
4.2.A.9  The Cytochrome oxidase biogenesis (Oxa1) Family
4.2.A.10  The 2-Keto-3-Deoxygluconate Transporter (KDGT) Family
4.2.A.13  The C4-Dicarboxylate Uptake (Dcu) Family
4.2.A.14  The Lactate Permease (LctP) Family
4.2.A.15  The Betaine/Carnitine/Choline Transporter (BCCT) Family
4.2.A.16  The Telurite-resistance/Dicarboxylate Transporter (TDT) Family
4.2.A.17  The Proton-dependent Oligopeptide Transporter (POT) Family
4.2.A.19  The Ca2+:Cation Antiporter (CaCA) Family
4.2.A.20  The Inorganic Phosphate Transporter (PiT) Family
4.2.A.21  The Solute:Sodium Symporter (SSS) Family
4.2.A.23  The Dicarboxylate/Amino Acid:Cation (Na+ or H+) Symporter (DAACS) Family
4.2.A.25  The Alanine/Glycine:Cation symporter (AGCS) Family
4.2.A.26  The Branched Chain Amino Acid:Cation Symporter (LIVCS) Family
4.2.A.27  The Glutamate:Na+ Symporter (GltS) Family
4.2.A.33  The NhaA Na+:H+ Antiporter (NhaA) Family
4.2.A.34  The NhaB Na+:H+ Antiporter (NhaB) Family
4.2.A.36  The Monovalent Cation:Proton Antiporter-1 (CPA1) Family
4.2.A.37  The Monovalent Cation:Proton Antiporter-2 (CPA2) Family
4.2.A.38  The K+ Transporter (Trk) Family
4.2.A.39  The Nucleobase:Cation Symporter-1 (NCS1) Family
4.2.A.40  The Nucleobase:Cation Symporter-2 (NCS2) Family
4.2.A.41  The Concentrative Nucleoside Transporter (CNT) Family
4.2.A.42  The Hydroxy/Aromatic Amino Acid Permease (HAAAP) Family
4.2.A.44  The Formate-Nitrite Transporter (FNT) Family
4.2.A.45  The Metal Ion Transporter (MIT) Family
4.2.A.47  The Divalent Anion:Na+ Symporter (DASS) Family
4.2.A.49  The Ammonium Transporter (Amt) Family
4.2.A.53  The Sulfate Permease (SulP) Family
4.2.A.55  The Manganese (Nramp) Fam.
4.2.A.58  The Phosphate:Na+ Symporter (PNaS) Family
4.2.A.61  The C4-dicarboxylate Uptake C (DcuC) Family
4.2.A.64  The Type V Secretory Pathway or Twin Arginine Targeting (Tat) Family
4.2.A.66  The Multi Antimicrobial Extrusion (MATE) Family
4.2.A.68  The p-Aminobenzoyl-glutamate Transporter (AbgT) Family
4.2.A.69  The Auxin Efflux Carrier (AEC) Family
4.2.A.72  The K+ uptake permease (KUP) family
4.2.A.75  The L-lysine exporter (LysE) family
4.2.A.76  The Resistance to Homoserine/Threonine (RhtB) Family
4.2.C  Ion-gradient driven energizers GO:0015404
4.2.C.1  TonB Family of Auxiliary Proteins for Energization of OMR-mediated Transport
4.3  Primary Active Transporters GO:0015291
4.3.A.  Pyrophosphate Bond (ATP; GTP; P2) Hydrolysis-driven Active Transporters GO:0016887
4.3.A.1  The ATP-binding Cassette (ABC) Superfamily + ABC-type Uptake Permeases GO:0042626
4.3.A.1.a  ATP binding component
4.3.A.1.m  membrane component
4.3.A.1.p  periplasmic binding component
4.3.A.1.am  ATP binding and membrane component
4.3.A.2  The H+/Na+-translocating F-, V- and A-type ATPase (F-ATPase) Superfamily GO:0045256 GO:0016471
4.3.A.3  The P-type ATPase (P-ATPase) Superfamily GO:0015662
4.3.A.4  The Arsenite-Antimonite (Ars) Efflux Family GO:0015446 GO:0042961 GO:0015699 GO:0015700
4.3.A.5  The Type II (General) Secretory Pathway (IISP) Family GO:0015628 GO:0015447
4.3.A.6  The Type III (Virulence-related) Secretory Pathway (IIISP) Family GO:0030254 GO:0015448
4.3.A.7  The Type IV (Conjugal DNA-Protein Transfer) Secretory Pathway (IVSP) Family GO:0030255 GO:0015449
4.3.D.  Oxidoreduction-driven Active Transporters GO:0015453
4.3.D.1  The Proton- or sodium ion-translocating NADH Dehydrogenase (NDH) Family
4.3.D.4  The Proton-translocating Cytochrome Oxidase (COX) Superfamily
4.4  Group Translocators GO:0015455
4.4.A  Phosphotransferase Systems (PEP-dependent PTS) GO:0009401
4.4.A.1  The PTS Glucose-Glucoside (Glc) Family
4.4.A.2  The PTS Fructose-Mannitol (Fru) Family
4.4.A.3  The PTS Lactose-N,N'-Diacetylchitobiose-betaucoside (Lac) Family
4.4.A.4  The PTS Glucitol (Gut) Family
4.4.A.5  The PTS Galactitol (Gat) Family
4.4.A.6  The PTS Mannose-Fructose-Sorbose (Man) Family
4.8.A  Accessory Factors Involved in Transport
4.8.A.1  The Membrane Fusion Protein (MFP) Family
4.8.A.2  The Secretin Auxiliary Lipoprotein (SAL) Family
4.8.A.3  MPA1 Family auxillary transport protein
4.8.A.7  The Phosphotransferase System Enzyme I (EI) Family
4.8.A.8  The Phosphotransferase System HPr (HPr) Family
4.9.A  Transporters of Unknown Classification GO:0005215 GO:0006810GO:0005215 GO:0006810
4.9.A  Recognized transporters of unknown biochemical mechanism GO:0005215 GO:0006810GO:0005215 GO:0006810
4.9.A.1  The Polysaccharide Transporter (PST) Family GO:0015159 GO:0015774
4.9.A.4  The Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) Uptake Permease (PnuC) Family GO:0015663 GO:0015890
4.9.A.8  The Ferrous Iron Uptake (FeoB) Family GO:0015093 GO:0015684
4.9.A.13  The Short Chain Fatty Acid Transporter (scFAT) Family GO:0015635 GO:0015912
4.9.A.16  The Septal DNA Translocator (SDT) Family
4.9.A.17  The Metal Ion Transporter (MIT) Family GO:0046873 GO:0030001
4.9.B  Putative uncharacterized transport protein GO:0005215 GO:0006810
4.9.B.3  The Putative Bacterial Murein Precursor Exporter (MPE) Family
4.9.B.4   The Putative Efflux Transporter (PET) Family
4.9.B.6  The Toxic Hok/Gef Protein (Hok/Gef) Family
4.9.B.10  The 6TMS Putative MarC Transporter (MarC) Family
4.9.B.18  The SecDF-associated Single Transmembrane Protein (SSTP) Family
4.9.B.21  The Frataxin (Frataxin) Family
4.9.B.22  The Putative Permease (PerM) Family
4.9.B.24  The Testis-Enhanced Gene Transfer (TEGT) Family
4.9.B.25  The YbbM (YbbM) Family
4.9.B.27  The YdjX-Z (YdjX-Z) Family
4.9.B.28  The YqaE (YqaE) Family
4.9.B.29  The YebN (YebN) Family
4.9.B.31  The YqiH (YqiH) Family
4.9.B.32  The Putative Vectorial Glycosyl Polymerization (VGP) Family
4.S  substrate GO:0005215 GO:0006810
4.S.1  (D)-galactarate GO:0042871 GO:0042877 GO:0042878
4.S.2  2-keto-3-deoxy-D-gluconate GO:0046411 GO:0015649
4.S.3  3-hydroxyphenylpropionic acid GO:0042920 GO:0042926
4.S.4  3-phenylpropionic acid GO:0042889
4.S.5  alkanesulfonate GO:0042918 GO:0042959
4.S.6  alkanesulphonate
4.S.8  alkylphosphonate GO:0042916 GO:0042917
4.S.9  allantoin GO:0015720 GO:0015206
4.S.10  allose/ribose GO:0015754 GO:0015752 GO:0015593 GO:0015591
4.S.11  alpha-ketoglutarate GO:0015742 GO:0015139
4.S.12  amino acid GO:0015171 GO:0006865
4.S.13  amino acid/amide GO:0042886
4.S.14  ammonium GO:0015696 GO:0008519
4.S.15  antibiotic GO:0042891 GO:0042895
4.S.16  arabinose polymer GO:0042899 GO:0042900
4.S.17  arginine GO:0015809 GO:0015181
4.S.18  arginine/ornithine GO:0015822 GO:0015809
4.S.19  arsenite GO:0015700 GO:0015105
4.S.20  benzoate GO:0042919 GO:0042925
4.S.21  lactose/glucose GO:0005355 GO:0015155
4.S.22  beta-glucoside GO:0015759 GO:0015573
4.S.25  Ca+/ H+ GO:0006816 GO:0015369
4.S.26  cadaverine/lysine GO:0015819 GO:0015839 GO:0015497
4.S.27  carnitine GO:0015879 GO:0015226
4.S.28  cation GO:0006812 GO:0008324
4.S.29  cellobiose/arbutin/salicin GO:0042948 GO:0042950 GO:0019533 GO:0019191 GO:0042950 GO:0042950
4.S.31  chloramphenicol GO:0042892
4.S.32  chloride GO:0006821 GO:0015108
4.S.33  choline GO:0015871 GO:0015220
4.S.34  citrate/succinate GO:0015744 GO:0015746 GO:0015515
4.S.35  colicin GO:0042914 GO:0042912
4.S.36  Cu+ GO:0006825 GO:0005375
4.S.37  curli subunit
4.S.38  cyanate GO:0015704 GO:0015110
4.S.39  cysteine GO:0042883
4.S.40  cysteine/O-acetyl-L-serine/cysteine metabolites
4.S.41  cytosine GO:0015856 GO:0015209
4.S.42  D-alanine/D-serine/glycine GO:0042942 GO:0042941 GO:0042944 GO:0042945
4.S.43  D-galactonate GO:0042875 GO:0042880
4.S.44  D-glucarate GO:0042871 GO:0042878
4.S.45  D-glucose/trehalose GO:0015771 GO:0015758 GO:0015574 GO:0005355
4.S.46  dicarboxylate GO:0006835 GO:0005310
4.S.47  dipeptide GO:0042938 GO:0042936
4.S.48  D-ribose GO:0015752 GO:0015591
4.S.49  drug GO:0015893 GO:0015238
4.S.50  D-xylose GO:0015753 GO:0015148
4.S.51  enterochelin GO:0042930 GO:0042931
4.S.52  fatty acid GO:0015908 GO:0015245
4.S.53  Fe GO:0006826 GO:0005381
4.S.54  Fe++ GO:0015682 GO:0015091
4.S.56  ferric enterobactin GO:0015685 GO:0015620
4.S.57  ferric hydroxamate GO:0015687 GO:0015622
4.S.58  ferrichrome GO:0042928 GO:0042929
4.S.59  formate GO:0015724 GO:0015499
4.S.60  formate/oxalate GO:0015724 GO:0019532 GO:0015499 GO:0019531
4.S.61  fosfidomycin/H+ GO:0042894 GO:0042898
4.S.63  fructose GO:0015755 GO:0005353
4.S.64  fucose GO:0015756 GO:0015150
4.S.65  galactitol GO:0015796 GO:0015577
4.S.66  galactose/H+ GO:0015757 GO:0015517
4.S.67  gamma-aminobutyrate GO:0015812 GO:0015185
4.S.68  glucitol/sorbitol GO:0015795 GO:0015576
4.S.69  gluconate GO:0015725 GO:0015128
4.S.70  gluconate/L-idonate GO:0015725 GO:0015726 GO:0015128 GO:0015568
4.S.71  glucose GO:0015758 GO:0005355
4.S.72  glucose/maltose GO:0015758 GO:0015768 GO:0005363 GO:0005355
4.S.73  glucuronide GO:0015779 GO:0015164
4.S.74  glutamate/aminobutyric acid GO:0015812 GO:0015813 GO:0015185 GO:0005313
4.S.75  glutamate/aspartate GO:0015813 GO:0015810 GO:0005313 GO:0015183
4.S.76  glutamine GO:0006868 GO:0015186
4.S.77  glycerol GO:0015793 GO:0015168
4.S.78  glycerol-3-P GO:0015793 GO:0015169
4.S.79  glycine betaine/choline GO:0015838 GO:0015871
4.S.80  glycine betaine/proline GO:0015193 GO:0015187 GO:0015199 GO:0015418
4.S.81  group A colicin GO:0042915 GO:0042913
4.S.82  H+ GO:0015992 GO:0015078
4.S.83  H+/acridine GO:0042909 GO:0042962
4.S.84  H+/lactose/glucose GO:0015767 GO:0015758 GO:0015517 GO:0015528
4.S.85  heme GO:0015886 GO:0015232
4.S.86  hexose phosphate GO:0015712 GO:0015119
4.S.87  hexuronate GO:0015736 GO:0015134
4.S.88  histidine GO:0015817 GO:0005290
4.S.89  histidine/lysine/arginine/ornithine GO:0015817 GO:0015819 GO:0015809 GO:0015822 GO:0015181 GO:0005290 GO:0015189 GO:0000064
4.S.90  homoserine/lactone GO:0042968 GO:0042970 GO:0042969 GO:0042971
4.S.91  hydrophilic molecule
4.S.92  hydrophilic molecules
4.S.93  ion GO:0006811 GO:0015075
4.S.95  iron dicitrate GO:0015688 GO:0015623
4.S.96  K+ GO:0006813 GO:0015079
4.S.97  K+/H+ GO:0015386
4.S.98  lactate GO:0015727 GO:0015129
4.S.99  lactose GO:0015767 GO:0015155
4.S.100  L-arabinose GO:0042882 GO:0015147
4.S.101  L-arabinose /H+ GO:0015518
4.S.102  L-arabinose/ isopropyl-beta-D-thiogalactopyranoside GO:0015147
4.S.103  L-asparagine GO:0006867 GO:0015182
4.S.104  lipooligosaccharides GO:0015920 GO:0015221
4.S.105  lipopolysaccharide GO:0015920 GO:0015221
4.S.106  lipoprotein GO:0042953 GO:0042954
4.S.107  L-lactate GO:0015727 GO:0015129
4.S.108  L-leucine/L-valine/L-iso-leucine GO:0015818 GO:0015820 GO:0015829 GO:0015188 GO:0005304 GO:0015190
4.S.109  L-rhamnose/H+ GO:0015762 GO:0015153
4.S.110  L-threonine/L-serine GO:0015826 GO:0015825 GO:0015195 GO:0015194
4.S.111  lysine GO:0015819 GO:0015189
4.S.112  lysine/arginine/ornithine GO:0015819 GO:0015189 GO:0015809 GO:0015181 GO:0000064 GO:0015822
4.S.113  maltose GO:0005363 GO:0015768
4.S.114  maltose/maltodextrin GO:0042956 GO:0042958 GO:0005363 GO:0015768
4.S.115  mannitol GO:0015797 GO:0015575
4.S.116  mannose GO:0015761 GO:0015578
4.S.117  melibiose GO:0015156 GO:0015769
4.S.118  methionine GO:0015821 GO:0015191
4.S.119  methylgalactoside/galactose GO:0005354 GO:0005354 GO:0015592 GO:0015765
4.S.120  Mg++ GO:0015693 GO:0015095
4.S.121  Mg2+/Ni2+/Co2+ GO:0015675 GO:0006824 GO:0015693 GO:0015099 GO:0015087 GO:0015095
4.S.122  microcin B17 GO:0015638 GO:0042885
4.S.123  Mn+/H+ GO:0005384 GO:0006828
4.S.124  molybdate GO:0015689 GO:0015098
4.S.125  molybdenum GO:0042888
4.S.126  multidrug GO:0015239 GO:0006855
4.S.127  multidrug/bicyclomycin GO:0015905 GO:0015545
4.S.128  muropeptide GO:0015640 GO:0015834
4.S.129  myo-inositol GO:0015798 GO:0005365
4.S.130  Na+ GO:0015081 GO:0006814
4.S.131  Na+/ alanine/glycine GO:0015808 GO:0015816 GO:0015180 GO:0015187
4.S.132  Na+/ H+ GO:0015385
4.S.133  Na+/Ca+ GO:0005432
4.S.134  Na+/dicarboxylate GO:0017153
4.S.135  Na+/glutamate/aspartate GO:0015813 GO:0015810 GO:0015183 GO:0005313
4.S.136  Na+/H+ GO:0015385
4.S.137  Na+/leucine/valine/iso-leucine GO:0015818 GO:0015820 GO:0015829 GO:0015188 GO:0015190
4.S.138  Na+/pantothenate GO:0015887 GO:0015498
4.S.139  Na+/proline GO:0005298
4.S.140  Na+/serine/threonine GO:0015826 GO:0015825 GO:0015195 GO:0015194
4.S.141  N-acetylgalactosamine GO:0015763 GO:0015571
4.S.142  N-acetylglucosamine GO:0015764 GO:0015572
4.S.143  Ni++ GO:0015675 GO:0015099
4.S.144  nicotinamide mononucleotide GO:0015890 GO:0015663
4.S.145  nitrite GO:0015707 GO:0015113
4.S.146  nucleoside GO:0015858 GO:0005337 GO:0015858
4.S.147  nucleoside/H+ GO:0015858 GO:0005337 GO:0015858
4.S.148  oligopeptide GO:0006857 GO:0015198
4.S.150  p-aminobenzoyl-glutamate GO:0015814 GO:0015569
4.S.151  Pb/Cd/Zn/Hg GO:0015692 GO:0015094 GO:0006829 GO:0005385 GO:0015691 GO:0015086 GO:0006829 GO:0005385 GO:0015694 GO:0015097
4.S.152  peptide GO:0015833 GO:0015197
4.S.153  phenylalanine GO:0015823 GO:0015192
4.S.154  phenylalanine/ tyrosine GO:0015801 GO:0015173
4.S.155  phosphate GO:0006817 GO:0015114
4.S.156  polymyxin GO:0042893 GO:0042897
4.S.158  proline GO:0015824 GO:0015193
4.S.159  proline/betaine GO:0015838 GO:0015824 GO:0015187 GO:0015199
4.S.160  protein GO:0015031 GO:0008565
4.S.161  protein/DNA GO:0015869 GO:0015219
4.S.162  purine/xanthine GO:0006863 GO:0005345
4.S.163  putrescine GO:0015847
4.S.164  putrescine/ornithine GO:0015496
4.S.166  putrescine/spermidine GO:0015847 GO:0015848 GO:0015606 GO:0015489
4.S.167  serine GO:0015825 GO:0015194
4.S.168  shikimate/dehydroshikimate GO:0015530 GO:0015733
4.S.169  sialic acid GO:0015739 GO:0015136
4.S.170  S-methylmethionine GO:0015806 GO:0000100
4.S.172  sucrose GO:0008515 GO:0015770
4.S.173  sugar GO:0008643 GO:0015144
4.S.174  sulfate GO:0008272 GO:0015116
4.S.175  taurine GO:0015734 GO:0005368
4.S.176  tellurite GO:0015710 GO:0015118
4.S.177  thiamine GO:0015888 GO:0015234
4.S.178  thiosulfate GO:0015709 GO:0008272 GO:0015117
4.S.179  thiosulfate/sulfate GO:0015419
4.S.180  threonine GO:0015826 GO:0015195
4.S.181  trehalose GO:0015771 GO:0015574
4.S.182  tripeptide GO:0042939 GO:0042937
4.S.183  tryptophan GO:0015827 GO:0015196
4.S.184  tyrosine GO:0015828 GO:0005302
4.S.185  uracil GO:0015857 GO:0015210
4.S.187  vitamin B12 GO:0015889 GO:0015235
4.S.188  water GO:0006833 GO:0005372
4.S.189  xanthosine GO:0015863 GO:0015553
4.S.190  xylose/H+ GO:0015753
4.S.191  Zn GO:0006829 GO:0005385
4.S.192  chrysobactin GO:0042932 GO:0042933
4.S.193  achromobactin GO:0042935 GO:0042934
4.S.194  acetate
4.S.195  2-O-alpha-mannosyl-D-glycerate
4.S.196  Zn(2+)
4.S.197  N-acetylmuramic acid (MurNAc)
5  Cell processes GO:0009987
5.1  Cell division GO:0000910
5.2  Cell cycle physiology GO:0007049
5.3  Motility (incl. chemotaxis, energytaxis, aerotaxis, redoxtaxis) GO:0042330
5.4  Genetic exchange, recombination GO:0006310
5.5  Adaptation to stress GO:0006950
5.5.1  Osmotic pressure GO:0006970
5.5.2  Temperature extremes GO:0009266
5.5.3  Starvation response GO:0042594
5.5.4  pH response GO:0009268
5.5.5  Dessication GO:0009269
5.5.6  Other stresses (mechanical, nutritional, oxidative) GO:0009612 GO:0007584 GO:0006979
5.5.7  Fe aquisition GO:0006826
5.6  Protection GO:0006950
5.6.1  Radiation GO:0009314
5.6.2  Detoxification (xenobiotic metabolism) GO:0006805
5.6.3  Cell killing GO:0001906
5.6.4  Drug resistance/sensitivity GO:0042493
5.8  SOS response GO:0009432
5.10  Defense/survival GO:0006952
5.11  DNA uptake GO:0009290
5.12  Biofilm production GO:0042710
5.13  Virulence associated GO:0009405
6  Cell structure GO:0005575
6.1  Membrane GO:0009274
6.2  Peptidoglycan (murein) GO:0009274
6.3  Surface antigens (ECA, O antigen of LPS)
6.4  Flagellum GO:0019861
6.5  Pilus GO:0009289
6.6  Ribosome GO:0009281
6.7  Capsule (M and K antigens) GO:0030113
7  Location of gene products GO:0005575
7.1  Cytoplasm GO:0005737
7.2  Periplasmic space GO:0042597
7.3  Inner membrane GO:0005886
7.4  Outer membrane GO:0009279
7.5  Extracellular GO:0005576
8  extrachromosomal
8.1  Prophage genes and phage related functions
8.1.1  DNA packaging, phage assembly GO:0006323 GO:0042963
8.1.2  Replication GO:0006261
8.1.3  Regulation GO:0019054
8.1.4  Integration, recombination GO:0015074 GO:0006310 GO:0019047
8.1.5  Lysis GO:0019077
8.1.6  Structural component GO:0005198
8.2  Plasmid related
8.2.1  replication and maintenance GO:0006261 GO:0006276
8.2.2  plasmid transfer GO:0009291
8.3  Transposon related
8.3.1  transposases GO:0004803
8.3.2  regulation of mobility GO:0000337
8.4  Colicin related
9.  DNA sites
10.  cryptic genes
10.1  Partial similarity
10.2  Conserved hypothetical protein