Xanthomonas fuscans subsp. fuscans
X.fuscans locus tagOriginal AnnotationCommentProduct
XFF4834R_chr_1271XFF4834R_chr_1271delete. hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr08030XFF4834R_chr080302 codons deleted to have better RBS.hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_plb_0017XFF4834R_plb_0017Delete, no ORF predicted
XFF4834R_plb_0021XFF4834R_plb_0021Delete, no predicted ORF
XFF4834R_plc_0028XFF4834R_plc_0028Delete, no obvious ORF
XFF4834R_chr00570XFF4834R_chr00570 Partial hology with XAC, deletehypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1369XFF4834R_chr_1369does not match anything...Delete?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_pla_0049XFF4834R_pla_0049Delete, no predicted ORF using FrameD
XFF4834R_chr_0067XFF4834R_chr_0067to delete, very small protein, no conservationHypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_0871XFF4834R_chr_0871Delete? no ORF predicted by FrameD, no homology
XFF4834R_chr_1422XFF4834R_chr_1422does not seem to match anything.... delete?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1427XFF4834R_chr_1427doesnt seem to match anything... Delete?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1431XFF4834R_chr_1431doesnt seem to match anthing... delete?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1439XFF4834R_chr_1439does not seem to match anything... Delete?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1440XFF4834R_chr_1440doesn t seem to match anything... Delete?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1450XFF4834R_chr_1450does not seem to match anything.... Delete?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1452XFF4834R_chr_1452does not seem to match anything... Delete?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_0160XFF4834R_chr_0160small protein, DNA conserved with Xcv and Xac, can be deletedHypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_0163XFF4834R_chr_0163DNA sequence partially conserved in XAC and XCV, but no protein annotated, can be deletedhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_0178XFF4834R_chr_0178partially match ISXcp1 at DNA level (tblastN) but not with BlastP, can be deletedhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr03920XFF4834R_chr03920Start modifie car N-ter trop long compare aux orthologues chez XCV XCC et XAC (confirme par BlastP - Darsonval et al. 2008). 30aa deletes.type III secretion system protein HrcQ
XFF4834R_pla_0006XFF4834R_pla_0006a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_0004XFF4834R_chr_0004a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_0016XFF4834R_chr_0016a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_0029XFF4834R_chr_0029a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_0094XFF4834R_chr_0094a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_0099XFF4834R_chr_0099a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_0115XFF4834R_chr_0115a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_0120XFF4834R_chr_0120a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_0144XFF4834R_chr_0144a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_0156XFF4834R_chr_0156a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_0236XFF4834R_chr_0236a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_0243XFF4834R_chr_0243a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_0256XFF4834R_chr_0256a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_0353XFF4834R_chr_0353a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_0354XFF4834R_chr_0354a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_0368XFF4834R_chr_0368a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_0375XFF4834R_chr_0375a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_0414XFF4834R_chr_0414a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_0420XFF4834R_chr_0420a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_0466XFF4834R_chr_0466a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_0583XFF4834R_chr_0583a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_0595XFF4834R_chr_0595a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_0610XFF4834R_chr_0610a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_0673XFF4834R_chr_0673a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_0682XFF4834R_chr_0682a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_0736XFF4834R_chr_0736a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_0746XFF4834R_chr_0746a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_0804XFF4834R_chr_0804a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_1048XFF4834R_chr_1048a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_1057XFF4834R_chr_1057a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_1076XFF4834R_chr_1076a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_1098XFF4834R_chr_1098a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_1111XFF4834R_chr_1111a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_1144XFF4834R_chr_1144a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_1175XFF4834R_chr_1175a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_1212XFF4834R_chr_1212a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_1214XFF4834R_chr_1214a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_1219XFF4834R_chr_1219a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_1225XFF4834R_chr_1225a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_1255XFF4834R_chr_1255a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_1281XFF4834R_chr_1281a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_1331XFF4834R_chr_1331a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_1763XFF4834R_chr_1763a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1792XFF4834R_chr_1792a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1838XFF4834R_chr_1838a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1845XFF4834R_chr_1845a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1862XFF4834R_chr_1862a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1906XFF4834R_chr_1906a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1929XFF4834R_chr_1929a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1949XFF4834R_chr_1949a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1976XFF4834R_chr_1976a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1977XFF4834R_chr_1977a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2028XFF4834R_chr_2028a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2032XFF4834R_chr_2032a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2041XFF4834R_chr_2041a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2043XFF4834R_chr_2043a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2074XFF4834R_chr_2074a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2087XFF4834R_chr_2087a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2102XFF4834R_chr_2102a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2143XFF4834R_chr_2143a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_2171XFF4834R_chr_2171a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_2176XFF4834R_chr_2176a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2179XFF4834R_chr_2179a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_2194XFF4834R_chr_2194a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_2205XFF4834R_chr_2205a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2252XFF4834R_chr_2252a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_2270XFF4834R_chr_2270a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_2274XFF4834R_chr_2274a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_2279XFF4834R_chr_2279a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_2288XFF4834R_chr_2288a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2306XFF4834R_chr_2306a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_2311XFF4834R_chr_2311a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_2312XFF4834R_chr_2312a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_2318XFF4834R_chr_2318a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2336XFF4834R_chr_2336a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2354XFF4834R_chr_2354a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_2366XFF4834R_chr_2366a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2371XFF4834R_chr_2371a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2395XFF4834R_chr_2395a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_2396XFF4834R_chr_2396a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_2404XFF4834R_chr_2404a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_2491XFF4834R_chr_2491a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2583XFF4834R_chr_2583a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2589XFF4834R_chr_2589a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2593XFF4834R_chr_2593a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2627XFF4834R_chr_2627a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2742XFF4834R_chr_2742a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2789XFF4834R_chr_2789a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_2818XFF4834R_chr_2818a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_2858XFF4834R_chr_2858a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_2895XFF4834R_chr_2895a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_2918XFF4834R_chr_2918a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_2993XFF4834R_chr_2993a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_2996XFF4834R_chr_2996a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_3017XFF4834R_chr_3017a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_3107XFF4834R_chr_3107a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_3110XFF4834R_chr_3110a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_3112XFF4834R_chr_3112a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_3181XFF4834R_chr_3181a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_3187XFF4834R_chr_3187a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_3219XFF4834R_chr_3219a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_3222XFF4834R_chr_3222a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_3229XFF4834R_chr_3229a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_3231XFF4834R_chr_3231a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_3235XFF4834R_chr_3235a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_3273XFF4834R_chr_3273a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_3279XFF4834R_chr_3279a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_3281XFF4834R_chr_3281a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_3616XFF4834R_chr_3616a deleter ?
XFF4834R_chr_4146XFF4834R_chr_4146 a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_0076XFF4834R_chr_0076dna conserved in Xac but no protein detected, acur, deletehypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1370XFF4834R_chr_1370does not match any similarity with anything... Delete?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1398XFF4834R_chr_1398this predicted protein does not seem to match anything.... Delete?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1402XFF4834R_chr_1402this protein does not seem to match anything.... Delete?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr08050XFF4834R_chr0805024 codons deleted. Original N terminus was not conserved in XCV or XCC. Could not be longer in XOO.conserved hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr09250XFF4834R_chr0925040 codons deleted because not conserved in Xcc and not possible due to in-frame stop codon in Xac.putative transcriptional regulator
XFF4834R_chr09410XFF4834R_chr094105 codons deleted to fit to other xanthomonads and to give better signal sequence. Confirmed by Phobius.putative membrane protein
XFF4834R_chr_0090XFF4834R_chr_0090to delete, DNA region conserved in XAC, acur region, small proteinhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_0097XFF4834R_chr_0097DNA region conserved in XAC but not protein annotated, small protein to deletehypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_0753XFF4834R_chr_075321 codons deleted: better SignalP prediction. Better alignment to other xanthomonads (incl X.albilineans, which is aslo too long). Confirmed by Phobius.putative secreted protein
XFF4834R_chr_0765XFF4834R_chr_076510 codons deleted to better fit with other xanthomonads. FrameD predicts even shorter... Long original prediction derived from ACUR matrix.putative prolyl 4-hydroxylase alpha subunit
XFF4834R_chr26120XFF4834R_chr26120GumL is 23.7% identical to ketal pyruvate transferase ExoV of R. meliloti (20), which is involved in the addition of a pyruvate substituent to the terminal glucose of the side chain of succinoglycan (44). Although, insertions in exoV seem to be deleterious, gumL mutants are not affected in growth and produce normal nonpyruvylated polymer levels (data not shown). gumL mutants are able to produce a labeled polysaccharide. Whereas gumF, gumG, and gumL strains produced amounts of polymer similar to those produced by the wild type gumL protein
XFF4834R_chr06180XFF4834R_chr0618014 codons deleted to fit to other xanthomonads. First 14 codons were not conserved in Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae KACC10331 the sequence of which is also longer than at the other xanthomonads.conserved hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_0116XFF4834R_chr_0116small protein , DNA region partially conserved in XAC and XCV but no protein annotated, to deletehypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_0142XFF4834R_chr_0142To delete, Small protein in acur region no homologs detetected using BlastP but DNA region conserved with Xcv (BlastN and tblastN)Hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1354XFF4834R_chr_1354FrameD results are not very consistent about this predicted CDS. No similarity found in any other genome. No domain. ACUR use. DELETE?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1412XFF4834R_chr_1412it is possible to extend this cds very much in Nter. However, even extended protein does not match anything... Delete?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1449XFF4834R_chr_1449doesnt seem to match anything. The domain kinase identified by automated annotation is not recognized as conserved domain in NCBI Blast. Delete?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr36690XFF4834R_chr36690detection matrice ACUR, modification start (la nouvelle ORF contient le gene 3937 qui a donc ete delete)Hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr37010XFF4834R_chr37010modif start pour prendre celui du gene 3938 sans stop qui a ete deleteConserved hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4203XFF4834R_chr_4203introuvable en frame d avec acur, increased sensitivity, low gc trouve le stop en 425 a delete hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_plb_0016XFF4834R_plb_0016RIEN A deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_plc_0025XFF4834R_plc_0025RIEN a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1313XFF4834R_chr_1313this CDS is not similar to anything even in xanthos. I can't find it on FrameD: frameD does not display anything between 139828 and 1390947. DELETE?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr07630XFF4834R_chr07630E.coli: potassium ion accessory transporter subunit. XCV: putative potassium-transporting system small peptide KdpF. Downstream: probable potassium translocating ATPase, subunit A. Upstream of kdpABC. 52 codons deleted to fit to E.coli (see publications).
XFF4834R_chr_2146XFF4834R_chr_2146a deleter homologies tres partielleshypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2206XFF4834R_chr_2206a deleter pas frame D
XFF4834R_chr_4517XFF4834R_chr_4517a deleter homologies partielleshypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr36750XFF4834R_chr36750matrice ACUR, modification du start (la nouvelle orf contient le gene 3912 qui a donc ete delete), orthologue chez xantho aurantifolii et des fragments homologues chez xantho vasculorumConserved hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_pla_0026XFF4834R_pla_0026a deleter aucune homologie, non secretehypothetical protein
XFF4834R_pla_0027XFF4834R_pla_0027a deleter non secreter aucune homologiehypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1610XFF4834R_chr_1610a deleter pas secrete aucune homologiehypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3750XFF4834R_chr_3750a deleter ?? pas retrouve en acur
XFF4834R_chr_4237XFF4834R_chr_4237a deleter pas de codon stophypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4268XFF4834R_chr_4268NCBI rien, pas secrete A deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_pla_0028XFF4834R_pla_0028a deleter pas d'homologie no secretehypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_0048XFF4834R_chr_0048partial homology with LysR regulator XCV0044 a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1403XFF4834R_chr_1403a deleter mauvaises homologies partielles, pas secrete, acurhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1405XFF4834R_chr_1405a deleter aucune homologie acur pas secretehypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1435XFF4834R_chr_1435a deleter mauvaises homologies partielles pas secretehypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1537XFF4834R_chr_1537a deleter mauvaises homologies partielles pas secretehypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1543XFF4834R_chr_1543a deleter mauvaise homologies partielles pas secrete acurhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1559XFF4834R_chr_1559a deleter, mauvaises homologies partielles acur pas secretehypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1686XFF4834R_chr_1686a deleter mauvaises homologies partielles, non secretehypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1747XFF4834R_chr_1747a deleter pas d'homologie acurhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2193XFF4834R_chr_2193a deleter pas de hits ni blastx faux +
XFF4834R_chr_2215XFF4834R_chr_2215a deleter framed accur increased, pas de blast
XFF4834R_chr_2411XFF4834R_chr_2411a deleter pas de blast sur ncbi
XFF4834R_chr_3084XFF4834R_chr_3084matrice ACUR, aucune homologie, petite taille, a deleter ?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3164XFF4834R_chr_3164pas retrouvee meme en ACUR, a deleterHypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3620XFF4834R_chr_3620pas detectee en frameD aucune homologie a deleter ?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3659XFF4834R_chr_3659homologie regions intergeniques autres xanthos a deleter ?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3697XFF4834R_chr_3697modif du stop, ne ressemble a rien, a deleter ?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4003XFF4834R_chr_4003petit peptide, aucune homologie, faut-il deleter ?Hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4021XFF4834R_chr_4021tres petit peptide, faut-il deleter ?Hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4075XFF4834R_chr_4075acur, petit peptide, faut-il deleter ?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4230XFF4834R_chr_4230a deleter frame d ne le retrouve pashypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4235XFF4834R_chr_4235a deleter? pas d homologie non secretehypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4262XFF4834R_chr_4262a deleter aucune homologie, aucun domaine conservehypothetical peptide
XFF4834R_chr_4270XFF4834R_chr_4270a deleter aucun orthologue, pas secrete, rienhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4321XFF4834R_chr_4321a deleter aucune homologie non secrete rienhypothetical peptide
XFF4834R_chr_4326XFF4834R_chr_4326a deleter aucune homologie, acur, non secretehypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr10400XFF4834R_chr1040041 codons deleted to fit with other Xanthomonadaceae. Not sure if this is really lpxH, as suggested by iANT automatic annotation. PRK05340: UDP-2,3-diacylglucosamine hydrolase. TIGR01854: This model represents LpxH, UDP-2,3-diacylglucosamine hydrolase, and essential enzyme in E. coli that catalyzes the fourth step in lipid A biosynthesis. Note that Pseudomonas aeruginosa has both a member of this family that shares this function and a more distant homolog, designated LpxH2, that does not. Many species that produce lipid A lack an lpxH gene in this family; some of those species have an lpxH2 gene instead, although for which the function is unknown. Original annotation: UDP-2,3-diacylglucosamine pyrophosphatase.UDP-2,3-diacylglucosamine hydrolase
XFF4834R_pla_0047XFF4834R_pla_0047a deleter pas d'homologie non secrete increased sentivityhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr00330XFF4834R_chr00330a deleter pas d'homologie avec BlastP blastN et tBlastNhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1640XFF4834R_chr_1640a deleter mauvaises homologies partielles acur increased sensitivity low gchypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1671XFF4834R_chr_1671a deleter, acur increased sensitivity, aucune homologie dans blastphypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1725XFF4834R_chr_1725a deleter tres mauvaises homologies partielles avec genes de drosophilehypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1771XFF4834R_chr_17711 mauvais hit tres partiel avec Xantho oryzae ; a deleter ?
XFF4834R_chr_2239XFF4834R_chr_2239a deleter accur incresead sensitivity pas de blastx ni multalin
XFF4834R_chr_2423XFF4834R_chr_2423a deleter obtenu uniquement en increased sensitivity balstx avec drosophila uniquement
XFF4834R_chr_3005XFF4834R_chr_3005matrice acur aucune homologie et petite taille, a deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3022XFF4834R_chr_3022found with ACUR, low GC and increased sensitivity, no homology. a deleter ?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3032XFF4834R_chr_3032a deleter ? detection matrice ACUR, aucune homologie et petite taillehypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3239XFF4834R_chr_3239a deleter pas de frame D meme en changeant les parametres
XFF4834R_chr_3275XFF4834R_chr_3275A deleter mais indications d'un peptide signal (Signal3P)
XFF4834R_chr_3379XFF4834R_chr_3379a deleter. acur, pas de signal peptide, tres faible homologie blastPhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3391XFF4834R_chr_3391a deleter. acur, pas de signal peptide, tres faible homologie blastPhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3593XFF4834R_chr_3593detection ORF difficile aucune homologie NCBI blasdtP ou X a deleter ?
XFF4834R_chr_3598XFF4834R_chr_3598difficile retrouver orf avec acur, blast x aucune homologie a deleter ?
XFF4834R_chr_3609XFF4834R_chr_3609a deleter ? region intergenique conservee chez xav et xachypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3700XFF4834R_chr_3700ACUR and low GC, chevauchement avec cds suivant, a deleter ?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3741XFF4834R_chr_3741matrice acur et low GC, aucune homolgie, a deleter ?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3766XFF4834R_chr_3766frame d
XFF4834R_chr_3866XFF4834R_chr_3866usage du code pas tres bon, faut il deleter ?Hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3941XFF4834R_chr_3941matrice ACUR uniquement, petite proteine sans homologue, faut il deleter ?Hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3981XFF4834R_chr_3981pas retrouve avec frame D meme avec ACUR, a deleter ?Hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4086XFF4834R_chr_4086start et stop presents, rien ds NCBI, pas secrete A deleter?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4135XFF4834R_chr_4135predit avec matrice ACUR et low GC, faut-il deleter ?Hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4261XFF4834R_chr_4261a deleter aucune homologie, aucun domaine conserve, non secrete, rienhypothetical peptide
XFF4834R_chr_4266XFF4834R_chr_4266a deleter pas d'orthologue, pas de domaine, rienhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4304XFF4834R_chr_4304a deleter pas d'orthologue, rien, mauvais usage du code hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4309XFF4834R_chr_4309a deleter pas d'orthologue, mauvais usage du codehypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4354XFF4834R_chr_4354a deleter use acur matrix to obbtain a FrameD prediction , no orthologue, not secretedhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4364XFF4834R_chr_4364frame D increased, non secrete, pas d'homologie A deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4365XFF4834R_chr_4365a deleter aucune homologie, acur low gc increased sensitivity, non secretehypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4367XFF4834R_chr_4367a deleter aucune homologie non secrete usage du code bofhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4477XFF4834R_chr_4477a deleter pas d'homologie, non secrete, acurhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4552XFF4834R_chr_4552a deleter pas d'homologie, mauvais usage du codehypothetical protein
XFF4834R_pla_0024XFF4834R_pla_0024pas de frame D,pas d'homologie, pas de signal peptide A deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_plb_0006XFF4834R_plb_0006pas de frame D , pas d'homologie ds NCBI, pas secrete A deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_plc_0030XFF4834R_plc_0030frame D acur, start et stop ok, NCBI rien, signal P rien. A deleterhypotheical protein
XFF4834R_chr_0014XFF4834R_chr_0014Petite proteine A deleter Resultat positif BlastN et tblastN avec Xac mais negatif avec blastPhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_0036XFF4834R_chr_0036peut etre a deleter Resultat positif tblastN avec Xac et Xcv mais negatif avec blastP region acurhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_0039XFF4834R_chr_0039petite proteine a deleter donne resultats avec BlastN et tBlastN region et pas avec blastP acurhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_0639XFF4834R_chr_0639signal peptide proba nulle, homologie tres partielle avec hypoth protein de Xcv, predite avec ACUR - a deleter
XFF4834R_chr_1339XFF4834R_chr_1339a deleter aucune homologie, non secrete, acur et difficulte a trouver la prediction framedhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1356XFF4834R_chr_1356a deleter? mauvaises homologies partielles, acur low gc increased sensitivity pas secretehypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1376XFF4834R_chr_1376a deleter pas d'homologie, acur pas de prediction framed, pas secretehypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1768XFF4834R_chr_17681 hit mauvais blastx ncbi pour 1 isomerase , pas hit interproscan ;( a deleter ? )
XFF4834R_chr18210XFF4834R_chr18210chr1953 commence 115aa au - en amont de toutes autres seq conservees = deleter les 115aa ? Conserved hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2444XFF4834R_chr_2444a deleter ne retrouve pas ce gene avec frame d pas de blastx dans ncbi
XFF4834R_chr_2597XFF4834R_chr_2597a deleter ? 75/bacteria/annotationomologie avec hypothetical proteine de Xav vasculorum mais?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2633XFF4834R_chr_2633rien avec NCBI, start et stop present mais usage du code pas terrible, a deleter?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2654XFF4834R_chr_2654a deleter acur + increased sens +low gC, aucune homolgie blastp, pas de domaine, pas secretehypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2734XFF4834R_chr_2734frame D mauvais , start et stop present mais mauvais usage du code a deleter?hypotheical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2758XFF4834R_chr_2758correspond a la partie cTer de GumN, a deleter car gumN deja complet ds
XFF4834R chr_2757XFF4834R chr_2757
XFF4834R_chr_2865XFF4834R_chr_2865pas de cadre de lecture, pas d'homlogie, pas secrete A deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2870XFF4834R_chr_2870pas de frameD, pas d'homologie ds NCBI pas secrete A deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2999XFF4834R_chr_2999petit morceau d'une proteine existant chez xav, probablement un pseudogene a deleterHypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3004XFF4834R_chr_3004pseudogene a deleter, fragment gene environ 300 aa qui existe chez xavHypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3035XFF4834R_chr_3035pas retrouve meme en acur low gc and increased sensitivity, deleter cet orf
XFF4834R_chr_3062XFF4834R_chr_3062a deleter car orf chevauchante detectee uniquement en low GC, aucune homologie et petite tailleHypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3103XFF4834R_chr_3103a deleter ? pas retrouve manuellement avec matrice ACUR, aucune homologie, petite tailleHypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3155XFF4834R_chr_3155bon usage du code mais prediction uniquement en low GC a deleter ?Hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3172XFF4834R_chr_3172integrase partial sequence (less than the half of the sequence in other xanthomonas and in E coli), pseudogene ? a deleter ?Hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3317XFF4834R_chr_3317a deleter increase sensitivity low gc pour prediction frame d, pas secrete rien dans blastphypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3401XFF4834R_chr_3401a deleter, pas de similarite significative blastP, pas de signal peptide significatifhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3402XFF4834R_chr_3402a deleter? aucune similarite par Blast P et N mais proteine potentiellement secretee (signal3P)hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3416XFF4834R_chr_3416a deleter. pas de similarite (blast P et N). pas de signal peptide.hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3425XFF4834R_chr_3425a deleter, pas de similarite proteique significative BlastP, pas de signal peptide, petite proteine, acurhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3433XFF4834R_chr_3433a deleter? pas de similarite proteique significative par blastP, pas de signal peptidehypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3434XFF4834R_chr_3434a deleter? pas de similarite significative par blastP, pas de signal peptide, petite proteinehypothetical proetin
XFF4834R_chr_3455XFF4834R_chr_3455a deleter? acur, petite proteine, pas de signal pept, pas de similarite significative par blastPhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3589XFF4834R_chr_3589ACUR ORF chevauchante, pourquoi ce choix code pas terrible pas d'homologie faut il deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3591XFF4834R_chr_3591partie manquante du gene 3592 (pepN2) soit 20% possede un start et un stop a deleter ?
XFF4834R_chr_3600XFF4834R_chr_3600matrice acur, impossible retrouver orf; blastx ncbi pas grand chose, a deleter ?
XFF4834R_chr_3629XFF4834R_chr_3629trouve en ACUR et low GC aucune homologie proteique a deleter ? a conserver ?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3674XFF4834R_chr_3674detecte avec matrice
XFF4834R_chr_3723XFF4834R_chr_3723pas retrouve avec matrice acur, pas de stop dans usage du code, a deleter ?
XFF4834R_chr_3738XFF4834R_chr_3738orf pas retrouvee avec frame D et avec usage du code, aucune homologie, a deleter ?
XFF4834R_chr_3825XFF4834R_chr_3825ACUR et low GC, code pas tres bon, faut il deleter ?Hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3831XFF4834R_chr_3831frame D et usage code OK mais petite taille faut il deleter ?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3849XFF4834R_chr_3849matrice xantho mais pas bon usage du code, faut il deleter ?Hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3890XFF4834R_chr_3890acur et low GC, usage du code pas bon sur la premiere moitiee faut il deleter ?Hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3995XFF4834R_chr_3995pseudogene ? correspond au quart manquant de la proteine transmembranaire 3994, faut-il deleter ?Conserved hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4023XFF4834R_chr_4023petit cds detection avec matrice ACUR et low GC, faut-il deleter ?Hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4037XFF4834R_chr_4037trouve avec ACUR en low GC, tres petit peptide, faut-il deleter ?Hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4058XFF4834R_chr_4058petit peptide, usage du code pas tres bon, aucune homologie, faut-il conserver ou deleter ?Hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4060XFF4834R_chr_4060petite proteine predite avec matrice acur et low GC, faut-il deleter ?Hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4063XFF4834R_chr_4063usage du code pas terrible, petit peptide, aucune homologie, faut-il conserver ou deleter ?Hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4109XFF4834R_chr_4109predite en matrice
XFF4834R_chr_4130XFF4834R_chr_4130petit peptide predit avec matrice acur en augmentant la sensibilite, faut-il deleter ?Hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4158XFF4834R_chr_4158a deleter 49 aa, pas de prediction frame D meme avec ACURhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4164XFF4834R_chr_4164a deleter peptide 42 aa mauvaise prediction FrameD, pas d'orthologuehypothetical peptide
XFF4834R_chr_4295XFF4834R_chr_4295a deleter pas de stop, pas de prevision acur, pas d'homologie, rienhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4319XFF4834R_chr_4319a deleter pas de prediction en Frame D, pas de stop pas d'orthologuehypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4359XFF4834R_chr_4359a deleter aucune homologie pas secrete increased sensitivity et low gc pour avoir une prediction frameDhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4380XFF4834R_chr_4380a deleter difficile a retrouver la prediction avec Frame D aucune homologie acurhypothetical rotein
XFF4834R_chr_4415XFF4834R_chr_4415a deleter aucune homologie non secrete, acur et increade sensitivity et low gchypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4561XFF4834R_chr_4561a deleter aucune homologie non secrete acur increased sensitivity and low GC contenthypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4566XFF4834R_chr_4566mauvais frame D, pas d homologie ds NCBI pas secrete start et stop present A deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_pla_0054XFF4834R_pla_0054frame D ne correspond a rien a priori a deleter mais ds NCBI homologie avec AvrBs3 (sur les 31 aa)hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_0020XFF4834R_chr_0020Petite proteine a deleter Resultat positif BlastN et tblastN avec Xac et xcv mais negatif avec blastP matrice acurhypothetical
XFF4834R_chr_0037XFF4834R_chr_0037petite proteine homologie partielle avec Xcv0030 deleter donne resultats avec BlastN et tBlastN region et blastP avec XCV0030 acurhypthetical protein
XFF4834R_chr20870XFF4834R_chr20870peut etre a deleter mais 98/www/bacteria/annotation/bin/intd avec hypothetical prot de x f aurantifolii en blastx
XFF4834R_chr_2684XFF4834R_chr_2684-3 acur ok start et stop present mais usage du code de mauvaises qualite A DELETER? rien chez NCBIhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3330XFF4834R_chr_3330a deleter acur et increased sensitivity, aucune homologie, pas secrete stop ne correspond pas devraiet etre en 3617387hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3768XFF4834R_chr_3768detection avec matrice
XFF4834R_chr_3833XFF4834R_chr_3833frame D en augmentant la sensibilite et usage du code OK, mais petite taille, faut il deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3901XFF4834R_chr_3901trouve en matrice
XFF4834R_chr_4076XFF4834R_chr_4076predite en acur, low GC et sensibilite accrue, mauvais usage du code, petite proteine, faut-il deleter ?Hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4178XFF4834R_chr_4178a deleter pas de prediction Frame D meme avec low GC content et low penalty pas de stop sur codon usagehypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4305XFF4834R_chr_4305a deleter pas d'orthologue, mauvais usage du code partiellement chevaucant avec 4306 suite au changement du starthypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4335XFF4834R_chr_4335a deleter acur aucune homologie frame D ne le predit pas correctement mm avec low GC et increased sensiticityhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4432XFF4834R_chr_4432acur increased and low pour obtenir frameD, start et stop present, pas de signal peptide, NCBI rien. A deleterhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4484XFF4834R_chr_4484a deleter homologies tres partielles, acur, frame D bug pr la prediction que soient les parametres non secretehypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_5061XFF4834R_chr_5061matrice ACUR en low GC, start fort et bon usage du code, aucune homologie, faut il deleter ?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_2015XFF4834R_chr_2015A DELETER ? mauvais usage du code ; pas orf avec frameD ; 4 hits blastx avec I et coverages moyens mais E fort et pour grandes proteins chez organismes genetiquement eloignes.
XFF4834R_chr_3008XFF4834R_chr_3008aucune homologie, petite taille, detectee en ACUR avec low GC, usage du code mauvais sur la moitie de la proteine, a deleter ?Hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3113XFF4834R_chr_3113prediction avec ACUR et low GC a deleter ? en plus il y a chevauchement du tRNA Leu Anticodon: CAG at 35-37 (3387308-3387310) avec orf predite Hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3461XFF4834R_chr_3461a deleter? petite proteine, mauvais usage du code, aucune similarite proteique BlastP, par blastN la seq ressort des donnees deposees via Darsonval et al AEM 2008hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3503XFF4834R_chr_3503a deleter? petite prot, aucune similarite prot blastP, pas de signal pept mais forte identite nucleique avec des citri et vesicatoria par blastNhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3628XFF4834R_chr_3628ne comprends pas frame D, rien en -3 dans cette zone par contre quelque chose de la meme taille en +1 a deleter ? a modifier ?
XFF4834R_chr_3661XFF4834R_chr_3661modif de l'orf choisie pour prendre une orf avec la matrice
XFF4834R_chr_3822XFF4834R_chr_3822pas trouve meme en ACUR pourtant start et stop pas si mal, usage code pas tjs tres bon, faut il deleter ?Hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3845XFF4834R_chr_3845modif de orf predite car pas retrouvee, porposition autre orf en +2 avec matrice acur et low GC, faut il deleter ?Hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4074XFF4834R_chr_4074ACUR, usage du code bon, cette proteine a un homologue chez xav mais il manque la fin, pres de la moitie de la sequence, pseudogene ? faut il deleter ?Hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4096XFF4834R_chr_4096seul un fragment de la proteine presente une homologie chez Xac (manque la premiere moitie), gene tronque, pseudogene ? faut-il deleter ?Hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4104XFF4834R_chr_4104pas retrouve avec frame D quelque soit la matrice utilisee, par contre bon usage du code, petit peptide sans homolgie, faut il deleter ?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4152XFF4834R_chr_4152a deleter aucune prediction FrameD start TTG en +3 suivi d'un bon usage du code en +1 pdt 16aa et usage poursuit en +3hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4422XFF4834R_chr_4422acur increased, mais tres peu d'homologie avec un gene chez oryzaede 391 aa, il y a des XX ds la sequence. A deleter?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr15630XFF4834R_chr15630orf non retrouve avec framD (meme ACUR et diminution des parametres) ; mauvais usage du code MAIS 1 start et 1 stop OK et 2 hits blastx ncbi pour hypothetical protein chez X camp donc ne pas deleter hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_1874XFF4834R_chr_1874probleme frameD = aucune matrice, aucunes conditions ne donnent cet orf ; mauvais usage du code ; Pas hit interproscan ; non secretee ; pas hit blastx ncbi avec paramertres par defaut DONC A DELETER (?)
XFF4834R_chr_3339XFF4834R_chr_3339A deleter ? Proteine non secretee >Sequence length = 56 # Measure Position Value Cutoff signal peptide? max. C 37 0.430 0.52 NO max. Y 37 0.286 0.33 NO max. S 3 0.918 0.92 NO mean S 1-36 0.425 0.49 NO D 1-36 0.356 0.44 NO
XFF4834R_chr_3356XFF4834R_chr_3356A deleter ? proteine non secretee : >Sequence length = 70 # Measure Position Value Cutoff signal peptide? max. C 29 0.209 0.52 NO max. Y 45 0.121 0.33 NO max. S 2 0.467 0.92 NO mean S 1-44 0.116 0.49 NO D 1-44 0.118 0.44 NOhypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3392XFF4834R_chr_3392A deleter ? proteine non secretee :# Measure Position Value Cutoff signal peptide? max. C 16 0.038 0.52 NO max. Y 16 0.085 0.33 NO max. S 10 0.611 0.92 NO mean S 1-15 0.266 0.49 NO D 1-15 0.175 0.44 NO
XFF4834R_chr_3439XFF4834R_chr_3439A deleter ? proteine non secretee :# Measure Position Value Cutoff signal peptide? max. C 27 0.092 0.52 NO max. Y 39 0.059 0.33 NO max. S 5 0.234 0.92 NO mean S 1-38 0.054 0.49 NO D 1-38 0.057 0.44 NO
XFF4834R_chr_3459XFF4834R_chr_3459A deleter ? proteine non secretee : # Measure Position Value Cutoff signal peptide? max. C 23 0.260 0.52 NO max. Y 39 0.121 0.33 NO max. S 5 0.883 0.92 NO mean S 1-38 0.315 0.49 NO D 1-38 0.218 0.44 NO
XFF4834R_chr_3530XFF4834R_chr_3530A deleter ? proteine non secretee : >Sequence length = 65 # Measure Position Value Cutoff signal peptide? max. C 27 0.203 0.52 NO max. Y 50 0.102 0.33 NO max. S 17 0.854 0.92 NO mean S 1-49 0.315 0.49 NO D 1-49 0.208 0.44 NO
XFF4834R_chr_3536XFF4834R_chr_3536A deleter ? proteine non secretee : >Sequence length = 58 # Measure Position Value Cutoff signal peptide? max. C 16 0.138 0.52 NO max. Y 44 0.015 0.33 NO max. S 20 0.041 0.92 NO mean S 1-43 0.017 0.49 NO D 1-43 0.016 0.44 NO
XFF4834R_chr_3554XFF4834R_chr_3554A deleter ? proteine non secretee : >Sequence length = 70 # Measure Position Value Cutoff signal peptide? max. C 20 0.182 0.52 NO max. Y 10 0.112 0.33 NO max. S 1 0.444 0.92 NO mean S 1-9 0.166 0.49 NO D 1-9 0.139 0.44 NO
XFF4834R_chr_3558XFF4834R_chr_3558A deleter ? proteine non secretee : >Sequence length = 23 # Measure Position Value Cutoff signal peptide? max. C 14 0.028 0.52 NO max. Y 14 0.028 0.33 NO max. S 2 0.143 0.92 NO mean S 1-13 0.057 0.49 NO D 1-13 0.042 0.44 NO
XFF4834R_chr_3561XFF4834R_chr_3561A deleter ? proteine non secretee : >Sequence length = 40 # Measure Position Value Cutoff signal peptide? max. C 22 0.045 0.52 NO max. Y 9 0.077 0.33 NO max. S 3 0.535 0.92 NO mean S 1-8 0.196 0.49 NO D 1-8 0.136 0.44 NO
XFF4834R_chr_3564XFF4834R_chr_3564A deleter ? proteine non secretee : >Sequence length = 41 # Measure Position Value Cutoff signal peptide? max. C 26 0.870 0.52 YES max. Y 38 0.048 0.33 NO max. S 31 0.617 0.92 NO mean S 1-37 0.212 0.49 NO D 1-37 0.130 0.44 NO
XFF4834R_chr_3566XFF4834R_chr_3566A deleter ? proteine non secretee : >Sequence length = 43 # Measure Position Value Cutoff signal peptide? max. C 30 0.071 0.52 NO max. Y 30 0.036 0.33 NO max. S 19 0.069 0.92 NO mean S 1-29 0.022 0.49 NO D 1-29 0.029 0.44 NO
XFF4834R_chr_3633XFF4834R_chr_3633correspond a la fin du gene precedant pour lequel il y a un homologue complet chez xav, xac, xcc... le decalage est du a 2 nuceolitides en plus chez xapf en position 3954655 et 3954656 a deleter ? hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3716XFF4834R_chr_3716ce doit etre un pseudogene car la sequenceN des orfs 3715 et 3716 correspond au gene utpF du cluster de biosynthese du LPS chez xcc avec preuve experimentale (utilisation de la phenylalanine et la tyrosine pendant la phase stationnaire) a deleter ?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3903XFF4834R_chr_3903la sequence correspond au dernier 1/6 du gene Xav3892, est ce un pseudogene ? faut il deleter ? une sequence nucleique homologue de Xav3892 n est pas presente dans sa totalite mais environ sur le dernier 1/3Hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4007XFF4834R_chr_4007pseudogene ou gene tronque (il manque 6/7) par rapport aux orthologues chez les autres xanthos (xcv3996, putative disulphide-isomerase precursor), faut il deleter ? reste un peptide signal mais aucun autre domaine fonctionnel Conserved hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4056XFF4834R_chr_4056pas retrouve avec frameD, si verif usage du code on retrouve un start et un stop aux positions predites mais usage du code pas bon du tout, faut-il conserver ou deleter ? Hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_plc_0020XFF4834R_plc_0020Signal peptide probability: 0.951 Max cleavage site probability: 0.779 between pos. 34 and 35 max. C 29 0.266 0.52 NO max. Y 29 0.274 0.33 NO max. S 28 0.982 0.92 YES mean S 1-28 0.875 0.49 YES D 1-28 0.574 0.44 YES A deleter?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_0548XFF4834R_chr_0548pas de blast correspondant et cadre de lecture propose (+2) errone. Voir le cadre -2 avec une meilleure courbe de prediction et colle en amont a une autre sequence avec une bonne courbe de prediction (XFF4834R0549 que je ne trouve pas). Ces 2 sequences separees par un codon stop reel ou erreur de sequencage ... Si rien deleter.
XFF4834R_chr_1569XFF4834R_chr_1569ORF pas retrouve avec frameD (meme avec ACUR et diminution parametres) ; codon usage : 1 start en 1671873 sur brin +3 MAIS pas de stop avant 1672433 en +3 et usage du code mauvais (gris) ; il y a plusieurs stop en +1 et en +2 dans cette zone DONC XFF4834R chr 1569 A DELETER ?
XFF4834R_chr_1581XFF4834R_chr_1581Pas d'orf pour frameD ; pas de STOP en 1687609 mais en 1687900 = modif stop ; avec nouvel orf =1 blastx partiel (coverage 54%) pour hypoth prot de Xac de 198aa et autres blastx encore plus partiels pour xylanase et phospholipases ; CDS A DELETER ?Hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3329XFF4834R_chr_3329A deleter ?? si non proteine conservee XAC, XCV, XCC proteine secretee : >Sequence length = 51 # Measure Position Value Cutoff signal peptide? max. C 17 0.664 0.52 YES max. Y 17 0.415 0.33 YES max. S 2 0.847 0.92 NO mean S 1-16 0.322 0.49 NO D 1-16 0.368 0.44 NO # Most likely cleavage site between pos. 16 and 17: LHA-EGHypothetical conserved protein
XFF4834R_chr_3518XFF4834R_chr_3518a deleter ? proteine non secretee :# Measure Position Value Cutoff signal peptide? max. C 30 0.202 0.52 NO max. Y 14 0.138 0.33 NO max. S 3 0.891 0.92 NO mean S 1-13 0.519 0.49 YES D 1-13 0.328 0.44 NO # Most likely cleavage site between pos. 13 and 14: RVG-QE
XFF4834R_chr_3522XFF4834R_chr_3522A deleter ? proteine non secretee :# Measure Position Value Cutoff signal peptide? max. C 19 0.052 0.52 NO max. Y 19 0.151 0.33 NO max. S 6 0.876 0.92 NO mean S 1-18 0.573 0.49 YES D 1-18 0.362 0.44 NO # Most likely cleavage site between pos. 18 and 19: IYA-MF
XFF4834R_chr_3526XFF4834R_chr_3526A deleter ? proteine non secretee : # Measure Position Value Cutoff signal peptide? max. C 18 0.245 0.52 NO max. Y 18 0.169 0.33 NO max. S 9 0.855 0.92 NO mean S 1-17 0.499 0.49 YES D 1-17 0.334 0.44 NO # Most likely cleavage site between pos. 17 and 18: ANA-SR
XFF4834R_chr_3533XFF4834R_chr_3533A deleter ? proteine non secretee : >Sequence length = 25 # Measure Position Value Cutoff signal peptide? max. C 24 0.104 0.52 NO max. Y 13 0.182 0.33 NO max. S 5 0.943 0.92 YES mean S 1-12 0.723 0.49 YES D 1-12 0.453 0.44 YES # Most likely cleavage site between pos. 12 and 13: LQA-GA
XFF4834R_chr_3715XFF4834R_chr_3715homologie avec xac et xav sur toute la longueur, mais en fait ce doit etre un pseudogene car la sequenceN des orfs 3715 et 3716 correspond au gene utpF du cluster de biosynthese du LPS chez xcc avec preuve experimentale (utilisation de la phenylalanine et la tyrosine pendant la phase stationnaire) a deleter ?hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_3905XFF4834R_chr_3905la sequence prot correspond a la fin de la proteine xav3895, la sequence nucleique homologue du debut de xav3995 est presente chez xapf, faut-il deleter ce gene ? faut il creer un pseudogene de 4243766-4244200 en (-3) car xav3995 est seulement une hypothical prot ?Hypothetical protein
XFF4834R_chr_4008XFF4834R_chr_4008pseudogene ou gene tronque (voir orf 4007), il manque 1/7 du debut du gene par rapport aux orhtologues chez xanthos (xcv3996 putative disulphide-isomerase precursor), faut il deleter ? interposcan ne trouve plus de domaines fonctionnels dans ce morceau de geneConserved hypothetical protein